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    Help required to fix some issues

    Posted by: print4all Mar 24, 2021 at 21:01 (7 months ago)
    I have started developing the site and need some initial help to set up few things. All marked on the attached jpgs, please help!
    1. How do i change the background colour of the top bar. Also how do i change the font colour in that bar.
    2. Can this "All Categoris" part be removed. I just want the search box which says "I'm searching for". Reason all categories will be shown under the logo anyway where it says Categories.
    3. How to i change the background colour on the mega menu. Although when mouse rollover it changes to correct colour but How do I change that grey colour?
    4. Social distancing main picture is not aligning with mega menu properly. There is either margin or padding on the sides, can;t find the setting anywhere to remove that space on left and right of the main picture.
    5. How do I remove that space between footer and consent form at bottom.
    6. How do I adjust the size of credit card icons?

    One this which is not marked on jpgs is, how do i change the colour of social media icons in the footer.

  • Customer

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 25, 2021 at 02:47 (7 months ago)

    Goodmorning, print4all
    Could you please provide your FTP or Cpanel account? My coder would like to check your site before and then give a good solution
    Wating your reply
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 25, 2021 at 16:09 (7 months ago)

    All information was provided yesterday, i am sending again in the secret information section.
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 25, 2021 at 21:50 (7 months ago)

    In addition to the ticket generated earlier today, can you please also look into the following aswell;
    1. Screenshot "25March_ticket1"
    a. 1- Top Bar all text/content when viewed on mobile device it doesn't centralised properly, how can i fix this?
    b. 2- Vertical Menu - How can I change the setting such as font colour, background colour of vertical menu, colour to change rollover etc. At the moment it looks very basic and plain.
    c. 3- Again when viewed on mobile device, it doesn't scale. It looks massive in comparison to remaining content.

    2. Screenshot - 25March_ticket2
    Again how can i change the colour, meaning when cursor over line for example Cat A/A Boards - when cursor over A-Board - how can add background to that meaning solid background to that part only and text goes whiteout...

    3. Screeshot - 25March_ticket3
    How can i change the colours of social media icons - something like just grey colour

    4. Screenshot - 25March_ticket 4
    Product page -
    a. 1 - How can I remove lines like SKU, Tag, Share on etc from the page
    b. 2 - How can i add tab or remove tab. Also i can i change colours etc for those tabs?


  • Manager

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 26, 2021 at 05:42 (7 months ago)

    Hi print4all
    there are much requirements. COuld you connect to me via skype: mod.kutethemes@gmail.com ? I would like to live chat and give the fastest answer
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 26, 2021 at 13:30 (7 months ago)

    I have left a message on Skype too regarding setting/colour change options for mega menu etc. All is marked in the attached Word doc. Please help. Regards
  • Manager

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 29, 2021 at 02:33 (6 months ago)

    Goodmorning, print4all
    I got message from the author of theme. He said that in your case then you have to do by yourself or pay for these works. He do not support for free because there are much requirements. I am really sorry.
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 29, 2021 at 14:52 (6 months ago)

    I am really surprised with your response. I am not asking to do the changes, I am asking how to do it. Is this is not the purspose of support. All listed things are to do with mega menu. Provide me documentation/tutorial link. I am not asking you to amend third party plugins I installed, I am asking you to support with what have you given with Original Kuteshop theme. I am really disappointed with your response.
    1. Send me tutorial link for changing Mega menu on your theme.
    2. Extra padding which is showing here and there, I can't find any options anywhere so its your responsibility to point in right direction.
    3. Asking for extra money is just wrong. Provide me support what i have already paid for.
  • Manager

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 30, 2021 at 07:18 (6 months ago)

    Hi print4all
    I misunderstood your requirements. Here's the Kuteshop's documentations: https://kuteshop.kute-themes.net/documentation/docs/. To change somethings then you have to study about CSS codes also.
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 30, 2021 at 09:33 (6 months ago)

    I have seen the documentation link you provided. It does not cover any of the questions I raised in my word document.
    I know how to create a mega menu, questions I asked is how to amend colours in mega menu.
    There is no documentation provided for top bar.
    There is no mention how to remove space from home above footer area.
    I need documentation or guidance notes so I can develop site further.
    Please assist.
  • Manager

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 31, 2021 at 05:45 (6 months ago)

    Hi print4all
    the documentation, it's guide the main part only and when client's some changes then they have to do by css or jvscript. I connected to other one, he will check again and help you asap.
  • Customer

    Posted by: print4all, Mar 31, 2021 at 07:20 (6 months ago)

    Maason, response time is 24 hrs and you respond once in 24hrs. Request I am asking is going on from 24th March which is almost a week. I paid for 12 months support and service I am getting is not acceptable. I am under pressure to finish this site in time and I am stuck at basic things. I can not pay every single time I am stuck that was the point for taking support service. Please help urgently and respond.
  • Manager

    Posted by: Maason, Mar 31, 2021 at 08:05 (6 months ago)

    Hi print4all
    I am really sorry because coder replies, he need much time to check and give us the best solution. Here are css codes, please try and let me know your results.


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