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    Posted by: swift3113 Nov 30, 2020 at 20:11 (4 months ago)
    Hello! I Changed Domain so it shows bad up there.

    I have one issue, when People using search box on my website and there are looking for polish products names it doesn't show on Germany site..is it possible to connect it? So if You are on Germany wpml version and you put polish words it shows result and redirect you on polish page? Can you make it for me?

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    Posted by: yame, Dec 1, 2020 at 06:49 (4 months ago)

    HI, @swift3113

    Could you please take the screenshots for searching the polish products names?
    I am sorry that I still don't understand. After I check your screenshots, then I will check your site
    And provide me your FTP account also.

    Thank you!
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    Posted by: swift3113, Dec 6, 2020 at 14:18 (4 months ago)

    Friend, I want my searchbox showing every language products...so if you are on germany language and you type polnish product name it doesn't show now, you need to use germany keyword. I want, on both languages, showing both polish and germany products :)

    So in easy way:

    Germany WPML version of website shows now only germany products. I want it to show polnish and germany.
    Polnish WPML version of website shows now only polnish products. I want it to show polnish and germany.

    Ofcourse I want it only in Search box - the one from header. My website is now germany as a default, people that speak polnish going on the website, putting polnish word in search box and it doesn't find any product..if they change the langauge - then it's all good...but I want them to find polnish products also on germany version of site, so if they click on search result it will redirect them to the product and change automaticly version of website
  • Manager

    Posted by: yame, Dec 7, 2020 at 08:28 (4 months ago)

    I added this for your site: https://prnt.sc/vxb4o4
    When you select any language, then your site will run with that language, and even when you search the product name with its language, the result will be correct.

    Please check again your site then let me know


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