How to update whole Smile theme on your site?

Every piece of theme developed has inherent flaws. As software developers, we are on a revised and developed our theme to more complete to meet the needs of customers.
We release updates. Updating theme ensures that you’re running the most current and the most error restrictive version. 

You can update whole your theme or any module or any files. In this section, I will guide you how to update whole theme on your site via FTP account.

Step 1. Before you upgrade your site, you need to backup both of your database and sourcecode of your site.

Step 2. Download latest version from themeforest

Step 3. Unzip it, in unzip folder you will see the two folders are “theme” and “modules”.


- Open unzip folder. There are two folders: "modules" and "theme"


Step 4. You now upload and replace these two folders “theme” and “modules” to your site via FTP (I recommend you should zip these two folder then upload these zipped files to your site, this way will upload faster )



- View your site before uploading.


- Now uloading these two zipped files to your site via ftp.


- The upload has been succesfully

- Using unzip.php file to extract these two files: and

- Unzipped succesfully


- The process of updating has been successful.

Step 5. Clear cache (in the backend), checking your site.