How to change background image and translate some texts of Newsletter block on homepage?

 Change background image of newsletter block on homepage



You only need change image with the same name follow the path below on your site.






See the result after changing background image.


2. How to translate some texts on this newsletter block to your own language? 

 Step 1: From DASHBOARD, go to Localization >> Translations

It will take you to the Translation page; go to section "MODIFY TRANSLATIONS"


Step 2: Select important things from dropdown list

- To translate "installed modules translations", select values in the dropdown boxes following the screenshot below:

  • Type of translation: Installed Modules Translation
  • Select your theme: fashion
  • Select your language
  • Click on “Modify” button.

Ex: "Ctr + F" to searching the modules “ovicblocknewsletter” that you would like to translate text